Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Favorite Sunday Meal

On Sundays I normally prepare a large dinner (lunch for some) and have company over after church. Last Sunday my brother-in-law commented that he didn't know how I found time to do it. Well, today we had our favorite, corned beef brisket with cabbage and here's how I did it. Last night I chopped up 2 heads of cabbage and put it in a plastic bag and back in the fridge. This morning, first thing I did when I got up was get out 2 crockpots. I put a large corned beef brisket, that you buy with the seasoning packet in with it, in the larger pot and a smaller brisket(just in case) in the other pot. I put as much cabbage as would fit on top of both, put the lid on, and turned them on high. Before I left I threw a couple of tea bags in a pot of boiling water, turned it off and left for church. When I returned home I finished making the tea, made some instant potatoes(which I only do on Sunday), and lunch was ready. Actually, today my car wouldn't start when I came out of church so my daughter put the finishing touches on lunch thanks to her. And, my mom brought over a wonderful cake that she could never give me the recipe for because she never makes a cake the same way twice.


  1. I love using the crock pot! Busy with mil with alzheimers in the morning, go to first service, then fellowship in the coffeshop with our children and grandchild as one son serves on video crew during second service. So we all arrive home tired and hungry and it is so nice to walk in to a home that smells of a prepared meal. So even I get to enjoy the afternoon. It helps to plan ahead doesn't it?

  2. Ummm.....sounds like you had a delicious lunch! ;)
    Thanks so much for sharing how you made it!!

    Blessings~ Miss Jen

  3. What a great idea! I love corned beef and cabbage but I usually only think of it on St. Patrick's Day!