Monday, July 26, 2010

Write and Remember!

I am so excited about getting into His Word this morning? Why? Well, it seems like I've going through a time where I've been finding it hard to really get into a personal time of prayer and study of the Word of God. I guess, it started with busyness, fatigue, which led to lack of discipline, and spiritual dryness. Last night I stayed up pretty late reading over my old blog posts and it was so encouraging! I was reminded of so many things that the Lord has spoke to me in the past, things He has taught me, things He has done for me. I was reminded of the importance of the personal disciplines in my life that help me to give God the quality part of my day. This is one of the great benefits of blogging or journaling. We forget so quickly the lessons that God teaches us unless we write them down. In Deuteronomy the Israelites are told over and over to remember the things that God had done for them, taught them, and brought them through. They are also told to talk about them, teach them to their children, and write them down so they don't forget them. I haven't been very good at doing this recently, but I've been so encouraged by reading over what I wrote in the past, that I'm determined to get back at it.
For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endures to all generations." Psalm 100:5

Friday, July 23, 2010


I'm pretty sure I now know how the children of Israel felt! We have yellow squash and zucchini galore. How many ways can you fix this stuff? I'm not about to complain though. "Thank you Lord for your bountiful blessings!"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Watching A Movie in the Nude

A couple of nights ago, Nolan(my 20 mo. old grandbaby) was standing in front of the TV watching the "JESUS" movie. Suddenly, he strips all of his clothes off. He had realized that Adam was walking around naked in the bushes (you couldn't see his whole body). He then wanted his mom and me to do the same, but we just couldn't sit around watching a movie in the nude, not even for Nolan.
Whoever said kids are not affected by TV?!