Friday, February 6, 2009

Homeschool Success Story

Please note that these posts are not meant to boast or brag on our accomplishments, but to give encouragement to you moms who are presently homeschooling. I know from experience how intimidating and discouraging it can be at times. Now, for todays topic. Do you moms who have children who have finished homeschooling ever have people asking what your kids do now? If you google "homeschool success stories" you'll find sites wanting to find out what these young people are accomplishing in life now that they've graduated. Let me introduce you to my daughter, Kara. Today she is married to a great, christian young man, and they have a son(who I showed you a couple of days ago). Kara is a stay at home mom/wife and loving it. I could not be happier. She is already leaps and bounds ahead of where I was at that time in my life, both as a mom and as a wife. Maybe that's because she has been at home with me watching and helping all of her life. I'm sure she learned from the good and the not so good examples(what not to do). She is a great cook, housekeeper, bookkeeper, mom. All the things necessary to run a home. Yes, I do know she's not perfect, but I am happy with the way her life has turned out and I give God the glory!


  1. Hey Sharon. I saw your comment on my blog. Thanks for commenting. Just curious. . . how did you find it? ;)

  2. What a testimony to the Lord!!
    How blessed you are to see your daughter glorifying God and embracing Biblical femininity!! That is indeed a precious gift.
    Thanks so much for sharing your heart! ;)

    Many Blessings,
    Miss Jen

  3. Thanks for sharing your homeschooling success stories! :)
    You should be very proud.
    I have three young ones that I am homeschooling so I find these posts inspirational.