Monday, March 2, 2009


Time is a precious commodity, that we never have enough of ,and most people do not want to share what little they have with anyone else. Last week after my quilting lesson, I thanked the lady who is teaching me, Faye, for taking the time to do this for me. She said "Come anytime, everyday if you want". I shared with her how appreciative I was, and that it is hard to find people like her who are willing to give up their time for someone else. Everyone is too busy nowdays. Last week I was talking with another friend Mary about a lady I know who is not a christian, who I am building a friendship with and have a burden to see become a believer. I shared how I not only want to strengthen our friendship but, introduce her to other christian women. Mary then invited us to her house for lunch. We had a very nice time of food, visiting, and sharing our faith. Mary did not have to do this but, her time that she shared, meant a lot to me, and I hope to my friend. Our love for the lost requires us to share not just words, but our precious time. Yesterday, my daughters family moved to another part of Texas. It was very sad, especially seeing my grandbaby move away. Today, my youngest son went back to Iraq. As I said goodbye, and he walked away, a lady came over to me and started talking to me, asking me who I had leaving and such. Her husband is in the military. She was not seeing him off today, she was traveling out of this airport herself on another flight and just happened to be there near where I was. She stayed with me for about an hour. She went with me to watch the airplane take off and made sure I was okay before she left, offering her prayers. This lady did not have to give me the time of day, but out of compassion, for she had been in my shoes many times, she did. I know there is never enough hours in a day, but remember your time could be very meaningful to someone else. It could mean the difference between life eternal or being lost for eternity. And somehow when we share what we have, God somehow seems to multiply it.


  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes. What a great wake up call for many of us to re-evaluate our lives and take the time to show those around us some compassion. Thanks!

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for sharing your heart! It is always so amazing how the Lord gives us opportunities to share in "word and deed!"

    Love in Christ,

  3. I understand. Thank you for sharing.