Thursday, March 19, 2009


Last week, following my modesty post, Christa from , asked the question,"Do you think you can still be feminine & modest in pants/jeans?" Well, I've been thinking about this question a lot, not wanting to just throw out an answer off the top of my head. One of the questions it has raised in my mind is "What does it mean to be feminine?" I know a lot of very hard working, Godly, modest women who I would not really consider feminine. When I think about the women of pioneer days who had very hard lives, they probably didn't look or feel too feminine, as we think of feminine, especially compared to the women of Victorian times. When I see women from other countries/cultures squatting in their huts or bundled up in parkas, feminine is not the thought that comes to my mind. On the other hand, I've seen women in America, in pretty dresses and what we consider womens attire that are anything but feminine. And, I have seen women in slacks who because of their demeanor and whole outfit, are still very feminine . I will say though that more often than not, when a woman puts on pants, it does change the way she sits and carries herself. It is my opinion that it is harder to be what we consider feminine and modest in pants/jeans, but not impossible. There are some women who carry carry themselves with such grace that I don't think it would matter what they had on we would still think of them as being feminine. Personally, when I have anything on that shapes around my backside, I feel very self conscious if there are men in the room. I at least like to have a long shirt covering my seat. It's hard enough to find skirts that are not too poofy as to make me feel frumpy, and not so straight or tight that they are tight around my hips and rear. Anyway, this was probably a crazy rabbit trail but, if any of you women have any thoughts about what makes a woman feminine, it would be fun to hear.


  1. Femininity comes from within, but what is in the inside, comes out on the outside sooner or later!

  2. What a brave soul you are to tackle this subject! I have never worn pants but I know many fine, Godly ladies who do. I was raised not to wear them but I think the key here is modesty as you so well put it! I think it is each person and their decision with the Lord. We have so many other important issues~like leading the lost world to our Saviour who loves us just as we are! Have a blessed day~Happy Spring!

  3. Sharon,
    I think this is something good to think about and ponder. Thanks for posting this!

  4. I found your blog through a comment you left on someone else's blog during the blog party. I've thought a lot about the subject of femininity and clothing, too. I do feel more feminine in a dress, although I only have a few, and I rarely wear them. I would love to wear dresses more often, but I get more outfits out of changing tops and pants. I've asked my husband about this, too, and he said that he likes me to wear either, so I do keep that in mind. Being obese as I have been for decades (I hope to lose this excess weight), perhaps I feel less noticeable when covered up with long pants. Just a thought.


  5. When I think about this, a picture of Jesus comes to mind wearing a robe...just like the other men and women around Him. I think femininity does not have as much to do with clothing as from the bearing of the person and her attitude toward herself as a woman. If she wants to be seen as more male, even subconsciously, it will reflect in everything about her, not just her clothes. Femininity DOES come from within, and wearing a dress or jeans is irrelevant.