Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Envy = resenting Gods goodness in someone elses life while ignoring his blessings in your own life.
As I was traveling this weekend I was listening to a sermon on CD. When the pastor gave this definition of envy I had to write it down (while driving). I've never heard it put better.
A couple of days ago I was looking at some of you ladies blogs and your beautiful homes and landscapes. I have to confess, envy started creaping up in me. You see, I've lived in a fixer upper for quite a few years. I can't say that I'm always grateful. There have been many times I've been too embarrased to have people over (yes, too proud). I'm sure God has taught me some things through this experience for I've shed a few tears and prayed a lot of prayers. We are gradually fixing it up as we have time and money, which both are pretty scarce. But, as I've given my home to God over and over, He has truly used it for His glory. It is hardly ever empty. I've learned to be hospitable here regardless of what it looks like. We have lots of people over to eat and God has sent many people here who have needed a place to stay for a while. My daughter said to me recently that she didn't know how I did it, always having people in my home. I jokingly said "I forgot to be specific when I asked God to use my home, I forgot to tell him what kind of people to send". Anyway, when envy started poking out its ugly head, I remembered this sermon and definition.I quickly repented and changed my way of thinking. God truly has been good to me, I am in need of nothing. And, my home is starting to shape up very nicely, sloooooowly but surely.


  1. it seems no matter where I live or what I have, there's always something else out there that would make life easier or better. I'm learning that in order to conquer a certain problem you have to replace it with something else. To replace my need of always moving on to the next gadget or appliance or whatever, I'm replacing it with saving the money instead and watching our savings grow. Daddy and I started out with nothing, literally, so it's just now that I'm feeling settled enough to turn away from buying more stuff and saving instead. Good luck!

  2. Try try and try again , that is what I have to keep doing all the time.

    Have an ever blessed day.

  3. So true....
    What a rich insightful post, Sharon!
    Thank you for it!

    Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

  4. Dear One,
    I can identify. Have lived in many fixer one now.
    The things we shall learn,