Monday, April 27, 2009

We've Been Married 25 Years Today!

It's hard to believe, but today is our 25th wedding anniversary! For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, believe me, we've been through it all. I surely don't want my children or anyone else to follow the example of everything we've done, but I do hope that they've learned that divorce is not an option when the going gets tough (neither is murder). My husband has told me that I should write my story. I don't know that I ever will, but I'll tell you it hasn't been any easier than anyone elses. When my children were small we separated for 3 yrs., but God was gracious to restore our marriage. Let me say, we probably would have divorced, if it had not been for the encouragement of brothers and sisters in the Lord(very few) encouraging us and telling us we didn't have to. I am so grateful that we didn't and that our family is still intact. I am also grateful that through all we've been through the Lord has given me a testimony to share with others who are struggling, that gives them hope.

Matthew 19:6 "...What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder."

Let me show you a picture of my husband who not only adores me, but also our children and grandson:

He is a great man who works hard to show his love for his wife. I thank God for him. And God has blessed us with 3 wonderful children and 1 really great son-in-law and 1 perfect grandson. And, this morning they surprised us with a Caribbean Cruise for our anniversary present. Yes, I cried, just as much from the sweet notes as from the gift, although I am so excited I can't wait for Aug. 31 to come. Here we all are:

Thanks kids! You're the best!


  1. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! I zipped over here to see yours and am so glad! I love Anne of Green Gables, the entire series!!!! Congratulations! 25 years! Doesn't it just seem like yesterday that you were eating that stale cake topper one year later after taking the big step? We will be 29 in September. HOLY COW! And you're right, through thick and through thin - we plug along - both good days and bad. And we really do have a great time together. God has been very good to us. Every day I give thanks for this man of mine! (even if I am thinking about about a cast iron skillet over the head lol.)
    Must get to the market for now, but I will be back to visit soon! Promise!
    HAGD! Karen

  2. What a great story and great family! Congradulations - have a great anniversary :)

  3. What a beautiful testimony....
    it brought tears to my eyes!
    How wonderful to have such faithful
    Christian friends encouraging you
    to remain faithful to your holy covenant
    of marriage!!! How beautiful.... thank you
    for sharing and Blessed 25th Anniversary to
    you both! Hope you have a wonderful day together!!

    With Much Love in Christ,
    Miss Jen

  4. Happy Anniversary! You have a beautiful family.

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  6. Sharon,
    Thank you for sharing your heart! Your marriage is a wonderful testimony of how the Lord works in our lives to bring glory to Himself! Happy Anniversary, what a great gift your family gave you, hope you have a blessed time!
    Love in Christ,

  7. Happy Anniversary to the two of you! Praise God for those who spoke God's word to you so long ago. May God bless you both as you walk in His ways and serve Him. You do stand as a testimony to throw away marriages today!