Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hurry Up and Wait

Ever heard the phrase "Hurry Up and Wait"? It's been known to be an unofficial motto for the army. We are in Kansas awaiting the arrival of our youngest son, Ryan to arrive from Iraq. My husband and I rushed to make it here by Friday and my oldest son, Jonathan, drove from NM and met us here on Monday. We were told originally that if we got here on Thursday (last Thursday) we would be safe to be here when he arrived, for they would be coming starting Thurs. evening through Monday. Well, it's Wed. morning and we are still waiting. We received a call this morning saying he would be arriving Thursday morning at 2 a.m. Every day they push it forward, but hopefully they won't extend it any further, because his brother has to leave Fri. morning to head back home. Lord, help me to remember that our days are in Your hands and everything will happen according to your perfect timing.

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