Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feed Bag Turned Tote Bag (last nights project)

This was my first try at making a feed bag tote. Not perfect, but it's a fun way to use up all the feed bags we use up around here. I'm not good enough at explaining how I did it to do a tutorial, but there are lots out there if you google "how to make a tote bag from a feed bag". has a cute one from a bird seed bag, and there's a cute one from a chicken feed bag on instruct The one tip I will give is: when cutting the bag, make sure you measure and cut so that the picture you want on the front is centered and cut out the way you want it, allowing for seams and room to box the bottom of the bag. My friend made a bag from a deer corn bag and used matching material to line the top of the bag and for the handles. It turned out really cute. Go ahead try it!

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  1. Love it! Aren't you clever. :~P

    I tried to comment yesterday (on memorizing scripture) but my computer has been acting up and wouldn't let me! :~{

    One trick I used while teaching 4-5 grader Sunday School, was to write or print out each word of a verse, plus the book, chapter & verse #. Put the words in order (could write on a black board or tape to a wall or mirror ~ someplace where you look every day). Read the entire verse (several times during the day). Each day erase/remove one of the words and continue to read the verse filling in the blank. Soon you will be 'reading' the scripture without any words ~ it's memorized! (You can also mix up the words, if printed, and try to arrange them in correct order. Not just a game for kids ~ it really helps with memorizing!