Friday, January 30, 2009

Homeschool Success Story

Do writing assignments strike terror in your children? I'm often asked about this problem by mothers who find that I homeschooled my children. What I tell them is, "Don't stress over it, when your child finds something that interests them to write about, thus, a reason to write, they'll start enjoying it". My oldest son, Jonathan, hated to write. When I would give him a writing assignment his mind froze. We had many a battle, with us both nearly in tears. It was very hard for me to make him do the assignment I gave him, because, I had the same problem in school. I finally quit trying, it wasn't worth the battle. Hopefully, he wouldn't need to do much writing in life. Well, was I ever surprised when, one day (as a teen) he shows me a letter he wrote a friend (as a joke) posing as her secret admirer. It was hilarious and so creative. From that point on he went on writing songs, sermons, stories, etc. And I can't take the credit for it. To see an example of some of his writings check out his blog:

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