Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Experience & Objectives

Ex-Homeschool Mom

I'd like to share some of our experiences (good and bad) and hopefully be of help to moms in the middle of homeschooling. I have a lot of good memories and thanks to God's grace & mercy, I am pleased with the end results.

Empty-nest Home Keeper

I'm still a keeper of my home, even though my 3 children have flown the nest. I love to talk about all things involved in keeping my home. And guess what? I'm still learning so, I may have as many questions as I do answers.

His helpmeet

I am the helpmeet to a wonderful husband and guess what? You guessed it, after almost 25 years I'm still learning to be the wife God wants me to be. My will is stronger than I thought. I do want to share through the grace of God and lots of tears the things I've learned and am learning.

Christian Woman

I gave my heart to God as a child and would you believe, I'm still learning all the time, more about Him. I would love to share with you those things that I feel would be edifying to you as women and keeper of your homes.


Although I only have 4 months experience in this area, I just had to let everyone know that I have and adorable grandson, Nolan. I'm sure you'll be hearing about him and if you have tips for this new season of my life, feel free to share.

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