Friday, September 2, 2011

My Cleaning Apron

I finished my cleaning apron today! A few days ago a friend of mine invited me to a sewing class at her church and this was the project we did this week. Flylady says we can clean much faster if we have all of our supplies with us, so this has 6 pockets for supplies (works good for keeping track of my glasses also), and 2 loops for spray bottles. I think I'll go clean something now!


  1. That looks like a dandy! What a fun project idea! I never used to use aprons, but am becoming very fond of them of late. I like the full ones ~ it also serves as my bib! I just can't seem to not slurp something on myself. And they do come in handy for cleaning, keeping clothespins in the pockets, holding eggs from the hen house, etc.
    You can come clean my house if you are in a cleaning mood!:~P
    Have a happy weekend!

  2. I love the spray bottle loops. I have a cleaning apron I use, but it just has a couple pockets. I think I'll add some loops for the bottles to it.