Friday, March 26, 2010

Do good to those who hate me?!!

Luke 6:27, "But I say unto you which hear, love your enemies, do good to them which hate you, "

Let's take a look at this passage truthfully. One morning as I opened my Bible at random, I read across this scripture. When I read it I thought, "I am not doing this!" Honestly, who does this, at least on a regular basis? Now, I love my family. And, I go to a lot of trouble to make sure that they know it that I love and care for them. I cook special meals for them, take them out to eat, buy them gifts, spend time with them listening and talking, etc. The same thing is true of my friends. But, when is the last time I showed love like this for someone I didn't like at all? An enemy at that (I mean, actually initiated it, not just being nice so you won't feel guilty). Do you know of someone who really hates you? Have you gone out of your way lately to do something really good for them? I must admit, that's probably been the last thing on my mind. Avoiding them is something I'm much better at.
Actually, when I think about it, I can't really think of anyone off hand who I could really consider a personal enemy or who really hates me. But, when I think about it from a spiritual standpoint, what about people who hate God? People who are enemies of the cross? As Christians, aren't these people our enemies also? How are we literally loving them? Are we doing good to them? Are we demonstrating Christ's love? I'm convinced that it has to be more than just a kind word in passing. We need to demonstrate the kind of love that leaves no doubt in their mind that we have the love of God abiding in us. The doing good to them kind of love like we show our friends and family, who love us back. "Lord, help me! I can't do this on my own. My flesh doesn't even want to."

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  1. A wonderful admonition, Sharon. No, most of the time, we avoid those people, like you said, and I see lots of Christians railing against those who are enemies of the cross, you know? instead of doing good to them.