Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Few More Thoughts on Acting Like A Kid

I can just hear some of you ladies who read my post yesterday saying, "If I didn't have so much work to do, I could go outside and act like a kid." Yes, I know we can't neglect our responsibilities, but we can make them a little more fun and physical. While you're in the house, turn on the music and move. I'm sure there are some women out there, like myself, who were taught that dancing is wrong. Well, I'm sure it's okay to dance with a broom, especially to Jesus music! Dance through the house while you're working, race your kids to the car, see who can finish their chores the fastest, grab a kid (or your husband) as they walk through the room and do a little waltz with them (my kids thought I was losing my mind half the time). Oh, and sing, sing, sing! This is good lung exercise. Not long ago, I was taking a little boy to church with me (he's around 8). I had the radio on in the car and was singing away. He looked at me and asked, "Are you an adult or a teenager?" (he was serious). When I told him I was a grandma he had a hard time believing me. My sister was talking to an elderly lady on the phone recently. The 80 something year old woman told her that when she looked in the mirror she noticed she was putting on a few pounds. She said she had started putting in her Gaither music video and moving to the music. I would love to see this.
So, try adding some movement to your chores, put a little bounce in your step. Show your kids that work can be fun. You may end up finishing your work faster and actually have time to go outside and play together after all!

Nehemiah 8:10, "for the joy of the Lord is your strength."


  1. Oh this is such wonderful advice!! Sometimes I do a really good job about dancing around with my little girl. And then on the days I'm tired, well she pulls me up out of the chair so I end up dancing anyway! Another great tip if you are a young momma. Put that work out video in while your kids are in the room. My little girl has started "helping" me with Pilates. Granted I end up laughing on the floor smooshed under a two year old but it is still some form of excersie and lots of entertainment! Now she goes around talkign about "lates"... That's my girl!!

    Hope you are doing well Sharon! God's blessings to you!! And remember we always have extra bubbles if you are ever in our neck of the woods... or hills...

  2. Sharon, thanks for stopping by my blog! You have a wonderful blog! Very inspirational. I'll be back to read some more. It's wonderful to look on the brighter/fun side of things even if it's boring chores around the house. :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Hello Sharon,

    I love that comment from the little boy. Most children tend to think 40 year old women are old…(I am not speculating on your age, here…I am 45), so that is quite a complement that boy was wondering if you are a teenager!

    I do bounce as I move about my house; my daughter commented the other day…this week…that she liked the way I knew how to have fun. That made me happy.

  4. Dear Sharon,

    Thanks so much for coming by my place to visit! I appreciate your sweet comment so much. What a great topic for a blog post, moving while praising the Lord! Why let the youngsters have all the fun? ;)

    Blessings to you,


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